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As a trusted business partner with the industry’s leading mixed and virtual reality leaders, we can help you envision the right solutions to shorten time to competency in your formal training and boost on-the-job performance.


Engagement Roadmap


The CraneMorley Team can guide you through every step along the way of your X-Reality journey.  We know how to listen and help you discover the right tools and effective content strategy to ensure your adoption of new technology training tools rapidly scales to success!

Clients We Support

Reduce Time to Competency

Self-paced Training

A traditional day of instructor-led training on assembling a MSA (meter set assembly) was reduced to 44 minutes, without instructor time, using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides and the HoloLens 2.  CraneMorley is actively working with member utilities to reduce time to competency using Guides in other parts of their curriculum.

Complete X-Reality Solution

CraneMorley can bundle a complete solution to support your X-Reality initiative

Courseware Development

We offer an experienced team of instructional designers, media professionals, and programmers who can use this new media effectively for the maximum ROI.

XR Device

We can help you select the right headset and application licensing for the job and bundle your purchase with courseware development to ensure a seamless fit.

Platform and Device Roll Out

We can help you choose the best delivery platform, integrate it with your existing IT infrastructure and execute a smooth roll out as you scale.  Our services include workshops to help your team members get the most out of their new XR tools and consultations with all stakeholders.

Integration Into Your Existing Curriculum and On-the-Job Support

X-Reality isn’t the only one tool in our toolbox.  We have 28 years of experience blending instructor-led, video, eLearning and now X-Reality into the most effective learning and performance strategy.  We can help you transform your current program to the most effective blend taking advantage of the latest technology.

Transform Your Curriculum

In addition to X-Reality, we offer a complete toolbox for improving on the job performance that includes eLearning, Instructor-led Training, Virtual Instructor-led Training and cloud-based applications.

Strategic Partnership

Working closely with SCG’s training team, we are completing a three year, major transformation of its gas operations curriculum to reduce time to competency and improve on the job performance.


Knowledge-based learning is being moved to eLearning to reduce time in the classroom and improve access to training.

Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)

As a countermeasure to the COVID pandemic, instructors reach out to employees learning outside the classroom while wearing the Microsoft HoloLens which gives a birds-eye view of their hands, tools and equipment while they demonstrate procedures.

Video Production

SCG is making dual use of the video assets produced for its formal training by also extracting micro modules that are consumed on the job through a workers mobile device, at the time of need.

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CraneMorley Is Delivering A Better Way To Train

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